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Sensors, Cables, and Customized Products

Making Better Sense For You

The Kingfisher Controls Advantage

Kingfisher is small enough to listen to your needs, yet big enough to deliver a competitive portfolio of standard products.    We have a large portfolio of custom technologies which we can brand for you.  These advanced technologies will differentiate your products and increase value to your customers.


This is what differentiates Kingfisher

− USA design and competitive manufacturing partners

− Product optimization/customization to differentiate your product

− Adaptive technology for difficult sensing applications

− Sensor expertise in Photoelectric, Inductive, Capacitive, Ultrasonic, Hall, Level, and others

What Kingfisher customization means to you

Machine costs reduced

Customizing sensors to optimize costs will directly feed into your profits.   This could range from matching features, just enough performance, or custom connectors and cable prep to reduce assembly costs.

Commissioning time reduced

A sensor matched to the application will reliably detect and decrease time to commission equipment.   Adaptive technology can compensate to ease sensor alignment changes in shipping.

Aftermarket sales increased

After we customize a product for you, we can brand it with your name to increase your aftermarket sales.

Stand out from your competition

We can customize product and cable colors to help your product stand out and brand your name.  Branding can also provide leadership and exclusiveness over your competition.

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SPS IPC Drives   Nuremberg  November 2020

Our Catalogs

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Photoelectric Sensors

Full basket of photoelectrics ranging from the industrial hardened RP74, the small MP series, and the amazing long range perimeter monitoring RP80

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Mini, Micro, Euro, Pico, and field wireable connectors. We have the complete set.

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New Products and Coming Attractions

New Releases and upcoming launches


Rechargeable Sensor Test Box   This is a “must have” tool for anyone in maintenance or in-coming inspection to determine if a sensor is faulty.    Will test PNP, NPN, and Namur output styles.   3-wire and 2-wire DC powered devices.   The box is hand programmable for 5V, 10V and 24V power.   The box is rechargeable!

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ProTechIt Adaptive pump protections, Pumps up to 10 Amps Perfect for backyard ponds and water features

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What makes our product lines different

Our products are designed in the USA and manufactured in both USA and China to meet the needs of our global customer needs.

Making Better Sense For You